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The Burger War

June 4, 2006


February 8, 2007


Various Restaurants and Parking Lots


Even more success of McDonald's


Burger King and Wendy's



The King of Burgers

Ronald McDonald

The Burger War was a short series of battles fought over who had the better restaurant. The war, though short, was monumental in deciding which restaurant would remain superior. The Burger War resulted in more casualties than any other restaurant-related incident in history. Ultimately, nothing really happened because Burger King and Wendy's stayed second rate to McDonald's.


Ever since McDonald's opened, it had been incredibly successful with its "the food will kill you" gimmick. The King of Burgers got jealous, and decided action needed to be taken. After tricking Wendy into an alliance, The King of Burgers declared restaurant war.

Burger War

Battle of the McDonald's Down the Street

When the King of Burgers decided they were going to attack, he led Wendy and her army (he didn't have an army) down to the nearest McDonald's. Even though this building had been bought by Burger King, the King didn't care. The smashed all the windows, broke all of the equipment, and then lit the place on fire. Even though they had destroyed their own property, they had made a clear statement to Ronald McDonald: "We're idiots."

Battle of that McDonald's in Hyrule

Deciding that UnAmerica should stay fat, The King of Burgers decided to destroy restaurants in Hyrule instead. He went off to West Hyrule and blew up a McDonald's. Since there were innocent Big Macs in there, Ronald decided this had to end. He ordered his McArmy to destroy all of the peoples.

Destruction of the Peoples

The McArmy chased after all of Wendy's peoples and killed them. This gruesome battle took place in North Korea for some reason. Then Ronald McDonald made an announcement to the entire UnWorld: "I'm lovin' this."


Ronald McDonald was going to sleep one night when suddenly he heard a noise. Deciding to investigate, he grabbed his Shotgun and walked outside. That's when the King of Burgers tried to tackle him. With a pull of the trigger, the king laid dead. Wendy came from behind with a knife, but Ronald was too fast. With the leaders of the opposing army dead, the McArmy remained victorious.