Cquote1.png Women belong in the kitchen. Cquote2.png
  —Burger King
Cquote1.png .. is what a misogynist would say! Cquote2.png
  —Burger King, 5 seconds later
Cquote1.png What do you mean we said the bad thing? Cquote2.png
  —Burger King, not realising they said the bad thing


A depressed Burger King sign

Burger King is a wannabe restaurant that wishes it was McDonald's. It was founded by The King of Burgers about five years after McDonald's opened. The King of Burgers hated Ronald McDonald ever since they were in Fast Food School together, so the King of Burgers was determined to make a better restaurant than the stupid clown. He failed miserably.

Burger King started out fine when it opened. They sold food, customers took the food, customers paid for the food, and then the customers ate the food. This worked out just fine until the invention of the Big Mac. McDonald's started selling the Big Mac, and Burger King nearly went out of business. Even with the creation of the Whopper, things were looking dark for Burger King.

As if this wasn't enough, the entire restaurant was run by a delusional man who thought he was the King of Burgers. As king, he declared restaurant war. The Burger War broke out, and the King fought bravely. Since the King had no army, he teamed up with Wendy of Wendy's, and they fought against McDonald's. After a poorly executed assassination attempt, Ronald McDonald shot the King of Burgers. With it's stupid founder dead, Burger King stood a chance. But it still isn't as good as McDonald's.


The name "Burger King" comes from the Latin roots Bur- meaning "tastes like," -ger meaning "Shit," and King meaning "source."

All together "Burger King" means Source of Things That Taste Like Shit.

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