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Bumblebee (Transformers)

Transforming into a Volkswagen Beetle.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Yellow horns
Eye color: Blue
Species: Transforming Robot
Home: Cybertron
AKA: (Simply) Bee
Likes: Being careful
Dislikes: Michael Bay
UnRank: 300

Bumblebee (AKA Simply "Bee") is an Autobot who had his voice box removed by the evil Michael Bay. He turns into a yellow car, most notably, a Volkswagen Beetle.

He is just your average Autobot who protects humans, but he's currently reading posts insulting Decepticons on 8chan (He hates 2chan and 4chan).

He also makes posts that insults them on 8chan too.

He took the name "Bumblebee" because 1. He's yellow, 2. He's very small, and 3. He says he's quite shy sometimes.

Before Starscream died, Bumblebee killed his brothers, Thundercracker and Skywarp after they continued harming the humans on Earth.

After Bumblebee got his voice box removed by Michael Bay (And Optimus Prime felt terrible for him as Bee was one of the most fond of Autobots of his), he got pummeled by Chin-Chin next in vengeance for killing Starscream's brothers, Thundercracker and Skywarp.

On the Autobot Shuttle, Bumblebee was burned to death by the giant, purple god known as Thanos while throwing Optimus Prime off board. Luckily, Pepsiman was able to bring him back to life with his Pepsi Magic.

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