Cquote1.png yES, i am growing stronkerrr, yæs i am growiNG VERY STRONKK OOOOOH Oh my niples, oh yiss ooh, yiss pump it up ooh the niples Cquote2.png
Bulk Bogan, whilst working out for the first time
Cquote1.png Hmmmmm... How do play UNO? What is UNO? I know UNO means 1 in... Russian. Ooooh, my brain big. Cquote2.png
Bulk Bogan, Whilst playing the card game UNO, for the first time.
Bulk Bogan

the Bulkster is his natural habitat

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual (straight)
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Brown
Birthdate: 70 BC
Species: Human
Height: 7'0"
Home: Africa (formerly), Oasis springs
AKA: The Bulkster
Likes: Pumping Mooskels, being stronk
Dislikes: Things that stop him from pumping, emotions
Education: 0 (formerly average intelligence but became retarded from Skooma overdose)
Occupation: Terrorist, Ruler of Atlantis
Religion: Self-Worshipping
Known For: • Acts Of Terrorism

• Being the Hero of Kvatch

• Resurrecting Atlantis

UnRank: 1,000,000

Bulk Bogan, not to be mistaken with Hulk Hogan, is easily the most famous member of the Bogan Family.

He lives in Oasis Springs with Garfield and Dio.


Bogan was born in Africa, more specifically Bowser UnWorld Territories. He was born permanently aged 32 (as you do) thus gained his everything license immediately.

He soon went and joined the BBC where he started carrying out his acts of terrorism. No one actually cared about this though, however that was until he pissed into his local town's water well to assert dominance. 

Soon Bogan was arrested and forced to join the Cadbury Prison Jail Factory. Then after, Cadbury Prison Jail Factory was taken over by Apple, who wanted the then warden of the jail, Uriel Septim, dead.

The only secret exit was through Bogan's cell though, so he came up with some story about how he saw him in his dreams and that he needed to be freed so that Bogan wouldn’t kill him. Simultaneously surprisingly and unsurprising, Bogan fell for it.

Soon after he escapes, he went after the dragon that Uriel had just made up, but as it turns out, by sheer coincidence, the dragon actually existed.

After Bogan “defeated” the dragon, he sold his soul to the now dead dragon for unknown reasons.

He soon after attempted to rejoin the BBC but he was denied since saved the entirety of Africa.  

After that had transpired Bogan was full of rage, so he went deep into the heart of Africa, and ended up killing some weird guy named Jesus who was healing some African people in some village. 

After this, Bogan then decided to go partying for the 600 years straight, during this time, through mitosis, he diarea'd out his son Brulk Rogan who would go on to become the fascist dictator leader of West Brazil.

It was also during this time he met Garfield and Dio. Bogan, after meeting the duo, for some reason decided to try and kill them.

Garfield got scratched by Dio which made Bogan quite angry for some reason.

Bogan is angry and starts to try and kill Dio, but Garfield stops them. He made a desperate plea to Bogan to get out of it and not kill Dio, but it made Bogan even more angry.

With the power of the the many people Bogan and Dio have killed, Garfield, to calm Bogan, gives him a wish. Bogan, even more perplexingly, wished to become the king of Atlantis.

Bogan currently lives in Oasis Springs with Garfield (catatonic) and Dio, and carries out all of his Atlantian duties from home.



Austin Parker's Random Mugen Battle -383 - Bulk Bogan vs Grand Dad

Rare footage of a fight between Bulk & Grand Dad

Strength Based Abilities

  • Punches strong enough to snap spines.
  • Physical blows to the body done by him are just as strong under water.
  • Has better then average hand-eye coordination.
  • Contrary to popular belief, not only does Chuck Norris have the ability to use Roundhouse Kick, so does Bulk!

Weapon Usage

  • Bulk is familiar with using several types of light gun. Such as pistols and glocks.
  • Bulk knows how to construct a traditional 1600's style black sphere and wick Bomb.
  • Bulk's hand-eye coordination makes him especially good at using direct contact weapons, such as knives, swords, and bats.

Magic Abilities

  • Has the ghost of Liquid Bogan as a stand. The stand can weaken any apponent and transfer power to Bogan.
  • Can moon jump and runs hyper fast while under the influence of Skooma.


  • Bulk Bogan has been producing the hottest beef jerky in the industry for about 2 years! 
  • Bulk Bogan weighs an annual average of about 3,300 pounds. That's more than 8,000 pounds of marijuana.
  • Bulk Bogan and Dio have already completed an agreement to co-release their sophomore single 'Ain't No Love' on their upcoming upcoming EP of the same name.
  • Both Garfield and Dio have been mentioned as potential candidates in the next episode of The Flash and neither of them have told Bulk.
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