Gender: Male
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Mr. Chuckles
Species: Robloxian
Home: Uuuuuh... I Dunno
Death: Murder!
AKA: "The Builder"
Likes: Paidbills and Meg_an, don't forget patrickb63 and clonetrooper1031
Dislikes: toasters
Education: roblox
Occupation: building
UnRank: 386,329,303,920

Builderman was not just a normal Robloxian, he was an Admin. As he is the greatest and most legendary builder on Roblox. One day he was building a game with his epic Stamper Tool that places blocks everywhere. Everything was fine until King Harkinian snuck up behind him and completely decimated him with an Dinner Blaster. Ruigi was there on the scene at the time, but nobody could understand Japanese. That is why Builderman is never on the website. Roblox made it so Builderman is friends with every single user on the site.



  • Even Builderman was once a n00b
  • Builderman was one of three Roblox users that are dead
  • Builderman used to be everyone's friend
  • He likes giraffes:)))
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