Buicia's flag; a stylized map of part of Bhcfai.

Buicia is a country on Bhcfai, Kittehlandia. It is part of the Buicia Empire.


When the Squadala Empire gave up its Kittehlandia territories, consisting of Bhcfai Island, in 1945, Buicia was created.

Elmo Gang (nearly) takes over

The Elmo Gang tried to take over Buicia in 1989, but failed. Buicia took over the Elmo Kittehlandia Territories as a result, forming the Buicia Empire.

List of Rulers

  1. Squadala Man (before 1945)
  2. ATSK (1945-1989)
  3. Elmo (1989)
  4. X (1989-2002)
  5. KOTBE (2002-present)


The Buicia Empire has plans to team up with Chuck Norriseegee and enslave the UnMultiverse.

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