Cquote1 Eh, what's up, doc? Cquote2
Bugs Bunny, to pretty much EVER PERSON HE'S EVER MET!
Bugs Bunny Bullfighting

Now, this is a guy who knows what he wants in life.

Bugs Bunny, or Small Chungus is a semi-delusional rabbit that thinks everyone he talks to is a doctor (he calls them "doc", but he's just kind of stupid). Contrary to popular belief, Bugs was not born on Easter Island to the Easter Bunny in 1921. He just live in a hole some where in a forest called "blahblah". When he was 19 years old, he got into show business. Two years later, he had a son, Dr. Rabbit. We believe Dr. Rabbit became a doctor so it wouldn't be weird every time his father called him "doc". After that, he went to the Angry Video Game Nerd's house and was beaten up for being a jerk. His greatest achivement to date is getting 1st place in the Biased Ratings list Top 10 Weirdest People 1900 Edition.

Bugs is one of the greatest rabbits of all time, being able to hold his own against insane maniacs and evil criminals at the same time. He is often very calm, even when he has a gun pointed at his face, but he might think its just a really long, funny looking carrot.

Bugs Bunny lost one of his legs in the war, and had to get a replacement. We aren't really sure what war, just "the war". In the end, Bugs couldn't afford a replacement, so he just super-glued his old leg back on, and it seemed to work okay.

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