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" But Douglas, Hyness and the others are the masters of a power driven to the far reaches of the universe, they only have but one desire! "
  —Mr. Dink, about to start an arguement about religion
Bud, "Double Income Now Kys"
Mr. Dyness.png
Douglas, it's just a Halloween costume!
Gender: Male
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Black (he painted the rings to look like his idol)
Species: Weird human
Home: Bluffington
Death: Not just yet
AKA: Mr. Dink, Dyness
Likes: Kooky things he buys
Dislikes: Doug, Kirby
Education: School of the Divine Terminus
Occupation: Fundamentalist
Religion: Jambastion
Known For: Having lots of money, the stuff he buys is very expensive
UnRank: 500

Bud Dink is a funny big noser and the brother of Mung Daal. He is one of the heaviset followers of Jambastion, the belief that The Loud House is an eldritch multi-dimensional elder stuck in TV show form that will end the world unless they bring it back to the UnOmniverse in it's true form. He really yearns to be one of the elite followers, specifically the second in command of their cult. He really likes Hyness.

Dink is known for his thingies that were bought to do everything but worship just so he can spend more time doing, well, worship. Doug the Scorpion is really the only dude who notices Mr. Dink's weird acts in the name of The Louds. Since Mr. Dink's income comes from converting others, he dosen't really get too much UnDollars, but when he does he makes it big time and a Cookie from The Creepy Fusion himeslf.

Mr. Dink's powers are contained within his anger, and his anger is contained within his grill. He never gets angry unless this grill is broken, probably because he really gets mad. His powers let him transform into either one of 2 forms. He also likes dressing up as furniture, contrary to popular belief, this is not for perverted desires, he just likes the cushiony cotton. Vinny of Vineland hates him because his ottoman costume wasn't all that comfortable. Sponge also likes to destroy his very expsensive meals.


Mr. Dink EX

Mr. Dink EX and the other Doug

If Mr. Dink's grill is slightly broken, albeit still fixable, he will teach the offending soul a painful lesson. He gains a sweet labcoat and laser visor, and begins creating robots that explode when shooting themselves into you. If the visor is broken, cybernetic energy comes out. It is so cybernetic, you cannot grasp the true form of it's cybernetics.

Mr. Dink Ultima

In this form, of which the Dink takes when his grill is broken beyond repair, Mr. Dink turns into a green monster, ditching his cyber attacks for slashing claws and brute strength. This is pretty scary I guess.

How to survive the Dink

Fortunately there are many ways to survive the Dink:

  1. Luring him to another BBQ grill brings him back to normality.
  2. Things that taste like vegemite (like Teletubbies and raw Amogus) distract him.
  3. Doing too much damage to his grill gives him cardiac arrest.
  4. Saying, "Not expensive" weakens him immensly.


  • It was long thought that Mr. Dink EX was the only form, but then Captain 78 really broke his grill.
  • If you are on an adventure, Dink can help with some shame code.