Bubble buddy

Bubble Buddy drinking dishwater

Bubble Buddy is an evil bubble person who drinks dishwater. He is a minion of NEDMgee. He was created by some idiot who thought he was his friend. However, bubble buddy was just using him to eat the Krusty Krab bankrupt. One day, at Goo Lagoon, Squidward tried to stab Bubble Buddy. That was the worst mistake of his life because bubble buddy grabbed the knife and stabbed him back. He then went to the restroom and took OVER 9000 hours to do his buisiness. When he was done, he went on a frickin rampage around Bikini Bottom and destroyed the whole town and killed everyone. He poisoned their water holes, burned their crops, and delivered a plague upon their houses. Everyone was killed except Plankton who called up the ruler of the German Prison and they came and threw Bubble Buddy in the German Prison, and undid all the damage he did.


Bubble Buddy was created by Spongebob because everyone hated him and he had no friends. So he tried to make a friend out of random crap like a sink and spaghetti. Then he blew a bubble and named it Bubble Buddy.

Acts of Evil

Bubble Buddy has done many evil things, such as:

  • Ate the Krusty Krab bankrupt
  • Danced with Bob the Builder
  • Signed an allience pact with Germany, NEDMgee and Giygas
  • Ate Pie


  • Bubble Buddy likes his Krabby Patties without cheese
  • He likes dishwater
  • He has no eyes or mouth, yet he can move, hear, speak and see.
  • He popped when he was thrown into the German Prison, but he haunted it until he respawned.
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