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The Bubble Bass Empire is a group in which Bubble Bass comments EVIL ways, and others follow along for no reason. They are called Bubble Bass Supporters (but we call them idiots).


The empire first wanted to start world war 333. But it failed when the Teletubbies attacked. Rigby was the first to be put in jail. They, also put a law against no sponges, obviously aiming at his rival SpongeBob SquarePants.

They took thousands of fakegees and locked them up for 9000.001 years. The plan failed and the fakegees escaped. Bowser sent a army of Trolls to get Bubble Bass, but he was to good at trolling to lose. They also wanted to get rid of Fatman, but the plan is still in motion. The empire is now hidden underground so Meegee can't find them. Why does he want to find them? They stole his tacos.


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