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The Turks have Come again

Bruzil officially known as The Islamic Bruzil Repubilc and sometimes as Central Brazil, is one of the 5 countries that made up the Former Brazilian Nationstate. The others being North Brazil, South Brazil, West Brazil,and East Brazil. It is lead by a hormone addled 13 yearold named Akira Agnew and a corrupt lawyer named Lionel William Hutz


The Army is based upon the original Brazilian army but after the invasion of the Ducky Empire it was restricted and soon became a military superpower in the region.

The Army is Famous for its modified AK-47 model which is the Manlicher Carcano.


Their Ruler is Lionel William Hutz who also has control over Dealey Plaza,and Syria. Their Governor General is Akira McKinley "Tokyo Joe Quimby”.

The Vice President and head of the fascist party is hormonal 13 year old Akira Agnew.

Akira Harriman Agnew

Akira Agnew, in the flesh


Just Like Their Neighbors Bruzil uses the old flag of Brazil,but with the original colors and instead of a globe they have the star and crescent.

However the Fascist Party Of Bruzil uses the Old Flag of Bruzil from 1956-5020 as well as the capital of Northern Paraguay which is Jodenburg D.F. Paraguay.

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