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[[Category:Pages that are going to be roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris to heaven]]
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[[Category:Pages that are going to be shoopdawhooped within a few seconds]]
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  —Bruticus Maximus when fully combined

Bruticus Maximus
Gender: Male
Hair color: Silver antena and horn
Eye color: Red
Species: Robot
Home: Cybertron
Death: Too brutal, too strong to destroy
AKA: (Simply) Bruticus, Brutal Bruticus,
Likes: Conquering the world with such Terrorism, Bashar Al-Assad (Formerly), Terrorism, Bowser (Formerly), Teletubbies, etc.
Dislikes: Mario and Autobots (Especially Defensor Maximus), Bowser (Nowadays), Googolplex, The Twelve Homestuck Trolls, Bashar Al-Assad (Nowadays) This is Bob, etc.
Education: Nope.avi
Occupation: Military Robot Combiner of Destruction
Known For: Brutal Machine
UnRank: 50,000,000

Holy s**t!! Bruticus is HUGE!!

Bruticus Maximus is some sort of giant robot thingy created by Happycat and Bowser to destroy Mario. He was destroyed by Susanoomon and was thrown into The German Prison.

Bowser created Bruticus Maximus as a weapon with weapons attached to it (there were even weapons attached to those weapons). It ran around wherever Bowser programmed it to go, shot people, blew them up, and then took a nap. Bruticus got his personality going thanks to Megatron.

Bruticus Maximus was created from five robots who's names were Onslaught, Blast Off, Vortex, Brawl and Swindle. He was formed when Bowser was fighting Mario. As they were defeated by Mario, Bowser orderd them to combine into Bruticus Maximus. So they combined into Bruticus Maximus and kicked Mario's @#!*% . Mario then combined his Spirit Machines into Susanoomon and kicked Bruticus Maximus's @#!*% and Mario throwed him and Bowser into the German prison, but he and Bowser escaped using Super Eviler Bowser and later threw Mario into Bowser Prison, North Hyrule.

For even more brutality, after he has been influenced by Bashar Al-Assad, Bruticus decided to go ahead and shove his rifle upon others' a**es, which makes him very lewd.

Bruticus is also the dictator of South Brazil, where they all do terrorism and such.

Speaking of Beijing, he invaded China, both during its commie years (Xi Jinping) and democracy years (Aradia Megido). He shot rockets everywhere in China, especially Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

Eventually, he was forced to team up with everybody else regardless good or evil (Especially the three other dictators of Brazil) in order to defeat the biggest and immensely powerful threat of This is Bob.

During the Bob War, he took over the entirety of Brazil and beat up Dipsy (Who returned to Poland) and Diesel 10 (Who returned to Sodor) good, and killed M. Bison, after that, he named the country "Bruzil" (Which was shortly lived), the first three letters coming from his first and common name, "Bruticus". Though his brother, Defensor Maximus threatened to DESTROY Bruticus Maximus and restore Brazil's democracy.

Bruticus then abandoned his "nation" of "Bruzil" and betrayed Bashar Al-Assad, and then Diesel 10 easily took it back due to that he wanted new allies, so then he joined the Teletubby Army, and gained new friends like Alt 2.0, Salamence, Flower, Painis Cupcake, and even Dipsy.

Bruticus says he's a "satanist", but Googolplex rejected him from his empire because he hates him.


He's got guns all over and inside him! Not only he is holding a huge-@$$ rifle in his hand, but he also has gatling guns in his forearms, he's got gatling guns in his shins, he's got missile launchers in his hips, he's got gatling guns in his shoulders, he's got missile launchers in his thighs, missile launchers in his shoulders, fire-blasters coming out his left and right chest, a powerful rail gun that comes out his center chest, and most obviously as you see on his profile, double-barreled back cannons that shoot powerful laser beams.


Lasers can't stop him, but he can sure stop THEM with lasers. I mean, all of them!!!

Bruticus Maximus had very few allies back then (4chan Sniper is an obvious one). He was formerly allies with Bashar Al-Assad, but then he betrayed him and joined up with the Teletubbies. While he joined the Teletubby Army, he made NEW friends with Teletubby minions like Alt 2.0, Salamence, Flower, Painis Cupcake, and others. He's even friends with Dipsy these days!


Bruticus Maximus has a lot of enemies besides This is Bob. He's enemies with heroes like Mario, Sonic, Optimus Prime, Defensor Maximus (AKA his brother), the Twelve Homestuck Trolls, Heavy, and most especially Pink Guy and Daft Punk. He's even enemies with villains Bowser (Former friend), Galvatron (Former friend), Kim Jong-Un, Bashar Al-Assad (Former friend), and he's especially enemies with any of the members of the Satanist Empire like Snowball, Vagineer, Match, Pencil, Gligar, Sneasel, Garchomp, Flygon, Demopan, Mao Zedong, and most especially Googolplex, and many others.


G1- Bruticus - A Hazard to the Galaxy

Bruticus before being reprogramed by Megatron, which was WAY before being influenced by Bashar Al-Assad. But wait! Bruticus works for Po now!

After joining the Teletubbies

After he joined the Teletubby Army, Bruticus Maximus became more brutal than ever and while in his five very individual components, they made more and more Wa-Machines than ever. While they combined into Bruticus, he wrecked havoc and still bombed a lot of cities, except more than ever, and more per day.

He (Or I should say all five of his components) joined 4chan and made pictures of him r**ing both Snowball and This is Bob. He also made pictures of him (and even when he's not combined, especially Vortex) r**ing Gligar, Sneasel, Garchomp, Flygon, Starscream, Galvatron, Googolplex, etc.

Bruticus then hated Pink Guy more than ever and while in his individual components, Brawl wants to beat him up, Swindle wants to steal his money, Vortex wants to r**e him, Blast Off wants to take him to space, and Onslaught wants to shoot a lot of rockets at him. Bruticus also wants to do that with anybody.

Obviously, Bruticus has the brutality of Brawl, the greediness of Swindle, the lewdness of Vortex, the kidnapping (I guess) of Blast Off, and the bombings of Onslaught, his persona was created from all five of them.

Bruticus then decided to bomb places, so he went to Afghanistan first, and despite he learned all of his terrorism skills there (and also despite it is an evil place), he bombed cities there and wrecked havoc there. He threatens to bomb the rest of Asia next.

He then bombed ChinaJapanIndiaPakistanIsraelSaudi ArabiaThailandIndonesiaMongoliaVietnamKoreaSyria, and many other places in Asia good or bad. He threatens to bomb Africa next.

He then bombed NigeriaBotswanaSouth AfricaEgyptZimbabweKenyaMoroccoAlgeriaSomaliaEthiopiaCongoCameroon, and many other places in Africa good or bad. He threatens to bomb Europe next.

He then bombed most famous countries in Europe like Great BritainSpainFrancePortugalGermanyItalyAustriaHungaryBulgariaRomaniaNorwayUkraineRussia, etc. He made Poland an exception since that's where Po rules her place. He bothered bombing Belarus since Natalia Arlovskaya lives there and is a member of the Satanist Empire. He threatens to bomb South and North America next.

He then in South America, bombed specifically Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil. In North America, he specifically bombed Panama, Belize, Cuba, Canada, Mexico, and America.

Bruticus heard about This is Bob leaving the solar system, he threw a party.