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  —Bruticus Maximus when fully combined
Bruticus Maximus
Gender: Male
Hair color: Silver antena and horn
Eye color: Red
Species: Robot
Home: Cybertron
Death: Disassembled by Bruticus Maximus+
AKA: (Simply) Bruticus
Likes: Blow Stuff Up
Dislikes: Mario
Education: Nope.avi
Occupation: Military Robot Combiner of Destruction
Known For: Making Chuck Norris notice him once
UnRank: 5,000,000,000,000

Bruticus stands at Pi times the height of Optimus Prime.

Bruticus Maximus is some sort of giant robot Transformer thingy created by WaMr. T and Bowser to destroy Mario and Susanoomon. He was destroyed by Mario and Susanoomon and was thrown into The German Prison.

Nowadays, this destructive, brutal, murderous, giant gestalt is associated with Thanos (See below).

Bowser was able to create Bruticus Maximus with the help of WaMr. T. Bruticus was created as a weapon with weapons attached to him (there were even weapons attached to those weapons). He ran around it wanted to just so he shot people, blew them up, and then took a nap. Bruticus got his personality going thanks to Megatron.

Bruticus Maximus was a combiner consisted of five robots who's names were Onslaught, Blast Off, Vortex, Brawl and Swindle. They were collectively known as the Combaticons. He was first formed when Bowser was fighting Mario. As they were defeated by Mario, Bowser orderd them to combine into Bruticus Maximus. So they combined into Bruticus Maximus and kicked Mario's butt% . Mario conveniently got a Mega Mushroom, summoned Susanoomon and the two of them kicked Bruticus Maximus's butt%. They then threw him and Bowser into the German prison, but he and Bowser escaped using Super Eviler Bowser and later made Mario DIE.

He once did a Macrosse Missile Massacre in Beijing, which actually managed to make Chuck Norris bat an eye.

During the Bob War, he took over the entirety of Brazil.

Bruticus then gave Brazil to Dipsy so he can have a empire of his own and betrayed Bashar Al-Assad, so then he joined the Teletubby Army, and gained new friends like Alt 2.0, Salamence, Flower, and even the Teletubbies themselves.

Bruticus says he's a "satanist", but Googolplex rejected him from his empire because he hates him.


He's got guns all over and inside him! Not only he is holding a huge-@$$ rifle in his hand, but he also has gatling guns in his forearms, missile launchers in his shoulders, and 2 giant laser cannons on his back!

Lasers can't stop him, but he can sure stop THEM!


Bruticus Maximus has a very hostile personality; and is a psycho in fact when all five personalities from all five of his components are combined. He doesn't even know what being a good is because he's a dumb idiot; he's unsmart to the point that he thinks his alignment (evil) is good while his opposing alignment (good) is evil. Bruticus also watches Teletubbies 2015 24/7 and loves starring in it.


Bruticus Maximus had very few allies back then (4chan Sniper is an obvious one). He was formerly allies with Bashar Al-Assad, but then he betrayed him and joined up with the Teletubbies. While he joined the Teletubby Army, he made NEW friends with Teletubby minions like Alt 2.0, Salamence, Flower, and others. He's even friends with Dipsy!


Bruticus Maximus has a lot of enemies. Basically, anyone other than him and Googolplex.


G1- Bruticus - A Hazard to the Galaxy

Bruticus before being reprogramed by Megatron, which was WAY before being influenced by Bashar Al-Assad. But wait! Bruticus works for Po now!

After joining the Teletubbies

After he joined the Teletubby Army, Bruticus blew more stuff up quicker.

Bruticus has the brutality of Brawl, the greediness of Swindle, the inappropriateness of Vortex, the kidnapping(?) of Blast Off, and the bombings of Onslaught. His persona was created from all five of them.

Bruticus then decided to Blow Stuff Up, so he went to Afghanistan first. He then bombed China, because it was a democracy. Bruticus hates democracies. He then wreaked havoc in Leptailuria, because he wanted to be a jerk to poor people and strike a point into the good guys. It worked. *cough* Then, he bombed Portugal for the same reason he bombed China. Finally, he blew up the White House, in the UnUSA, or at least its windows.

Bruticus after mastering Chinese Qi.

Bruticus (Or the Combaticons in general) has been becoming stronger and stronger as years flew. Bruticus' power outnumbered the other Decepticon combiners (Devastator, Menasor, Predaking, and Abominus) as well as Autobot ones (Superion, Defensor Maximus, and Computron). Bruticus challenged the four Homestuck trolls who mastered the Chinese Qi (Energy) and the power of the four symbols of Chinese mythology. The element he chose was fire as you can see on the picture on the right.

He died due to Billy Mays owning the living heck out of him. However, Thanos revived Bruticus, so he's still alive.