Brulk Rogan

Brulk Rogan showing up to court in a bikini

Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Species: Human (?)
Home: Africa (formerly), West Brazil
AKA: Son Of Bogan
Likes: Self, power
Dislikes: Everyone
Education: gnarly fire extinguishers
Occupation: Worker (formerly), Ruler Of West Brazil
Known For: • Being Bulk Bogan's “son”

• Dimensional exploration

• Ruling West Brazil

Brulk Rogan (also known as Son Of Bogan) is the “son” of Bulk Bogan.

He was shat out by Bogan at a night club, which influenced his homo-erotic life style.

Life Story

Brulk was shat out by Bulk Bogan at a nightclub, and he was for the most part abandoned by his father.

he, much like his father, was born with a permanent age, for Brulk being 45.

Brulk immediately left and started his own business, Brulk Industries, a few yards away from the front door, with an easy profit of around 100Un$ per month.

With that, he headed off with a some guys he met (Hergee & Poo) to look for more business-y stuff to do.

Their plans were soon derailed by the arrival of a pair of pirates. They were immediately defeated in battle and taken aboard their flying pirate ship and brought into space.

The three of them were brought to The Clangers' Planet in the hope that they'd all die from being around the insufferable creatures, but some how they managed to not.

Later, the trio was recruited into the space military with the objective to capture the creatures, but Brulk, with the help of merely Poo, managed to break apart the army from the inside.

Brulk, Poo, and Hergee proceeded to set up shop using the remaining military bases.

They soon had 9999999999999999999999999Un$ (In Clanger Coins, but easily convertible)

they used the money to buy parts to repair and reverse engineer the military technology to make a space shuttle, which they used to fly back to UnWorld.

Once the trio however accidentally travelled faster then Sanic and ended up tearing a whole in time and space. They ended up in trapped outside of the UnUniverse and were only able to travel to alternate dimensions.

They spent the next 666,000 years like this.

During this time several interesting things happened. They include:

  • While in Dimension 666, Brulk Rogan became the leader of the dimensional equivalent of the Illuminati.
  • While in the Nightmare Dimension, Brulk Rogan and Hergee had too much to drink and lost the control of their powers temporarily.
  • While traveling across other dimensions, the trio gained enough power to ascend to undefeatable status thus were able to travel to the 4th dimension without dying. 
  • In an attempt to stop themselves from messing up the rocket and getting themselves into their current situation, turned the wreck of their rocket (which at that point was stranded in the very dangerous isopod dimension) into a time machine. They weren't able to travel back to the UnUniverse however, but they were able to go back far enough to visit the Prototype UnMultiverse before Chuck Norris destroyed it, as well as the 404: Universe Not Found dimension.
  • Brulk and Hergee got lost in The Desert Of Melting Clocks, they were stuck there for years. They finally got out and discovered that there was a portal to the Frost Dimension at the edge.
  • If you couldn’t tell, Brulk and Hergee have a little something going on, Get da hint?

after 666,001 years trapped in their dimensional limbo, they finally built up enough power to burst through the fabric of reality and escape back to the UnUniverse.

After escaping back to their home dimension, they decided to continue their exploration endeavors as that’s all they were good at by this point. 

While investigating an ancient ruin on Salty Spoopy Island, they stumbled across WaDonald Trump who originally wanted to deport Brulk to Africa. However, after being rescued from being attacked by aliens that escaped from Area 51 by Poo, he decided to help them do their expedition.

Brulk's time with WaDonald Trump had a big impact on his politics as he was already an established business man but had never really delve into the political side of it.

By 2 years spent with not only WaDonald, as well as the 666,011 years spent with Poo as well, Brulk became incredibly Nazi-ist and had an urge to gain power. He attempted to join as many different organizations she could while trying to remain as anonymous as possible, these include:

As you can guess, his inexperience caused him to get in to none of these.

He became so fed up, that he decided the only way to get his power, was to not get it.

He wanted to build up enough inner-rage (inspired by his father, and his murder of Jesus Christ) that he would become an unstoppable mass murdering machine.

He spent 100 years working as an abused cashier at Burger King. By the 101st year, he finally had enough inner rage to be completely ran by instinct and anger.

He shot up the Burger King he worked at, and fled to West Brazil.

He broke into Dipsy's house and killed him, but this didn’t matter as Dipsy could respawn and indeed has.

Dipsy and other teletubbies are currently planning an assassination attempt on Brulk.

However, the fact he managed to obliterate Dipsy in the first place, easily makes Brulk one of the strongest things in the UnOmniverse, along side God and Chuck Norris.

Brulk immediately took over West Brazil. No one defied him as he easily demonstrated himself to be insanely powerful. He made several changes to the country, including: 

  • adding new states
  • taking several countries by force
  • turning it into a far more brutal dictatorship then any teletubby ever could

He has declared to be the largest military in the UnUniverse. The only thing he hasn't done yet is kidnap all the soldiers. 

Brulk has declared war on his father's country, Atlantis. The war is still ongoing.

Currently, Brulk lives in West Brazil, with Hergee and Poo as his right hand men.


Brulk's powers include:

  • Drain Life ability: With each fight, Brulk can drain life energy of his opponent.
  • Huge size: Brulk gained his great powers from the energy of a giant fire giant, making him strong enough to take down a giant robot from outer space.
  • Superior Intuitive Mind: An ability that is not limited to mental attacks. It can also affect his opponent and even break the laws of physics so that even Brulk should not be able to hold up.
  • Telepathy: Brulk has shown to be able to communicate with other beings, even those on Earth at least, with enough efficiency that he is able to understand the thoughts of the people that came to their aid. It is unknown how many people he has communicated with, but as of yet he has only known the thoughts of several men.
  • Weak-Parted Body: Brulk's ability to manipulate his body allows him to manipulate the force fields surrounding him, although this means his physical strength tends to falter and he is subject to heavy strain


  • Brulk watches the Nostalgia Critic.
  • Brulk prefers Opera as his main web browser.
  • Brulk has remained friends with WaDonald ever since they played baseball in the United States
  • Brulk still has a thing for Hergee.
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