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Bruce Lee killing the n00bs.

" Boards don't hit back! "
  —Thanks for the tip.
" I believe in sleeping. "
  —Response to whether or not he believes in God.

Bruce Lee is a master martial artist and the arch-nemesis of Chuck Norris himself. Bruce Lee was created when The Awesome One and Chuck Norris and Super Eviler Bowser made eye contact. This made The Awesome One pregnant somehow, and Bruce Lee was born a mere five minutes later.


Bruce Lee was created when Chuck Norris and The Awesome One and Super Eviler Bowser made eye contact for 0.000001 seconds. This surge of pure awesome-power caused The Awesome One to become pregnant in 42 AD. Bruce Lee was born the same day, and immediately started beating the crap out of Everybody. The Awesome One noticed this power, and began training Bruce Lee in every martial art style that has ever existed.

Over the years, Bruce Lee grew up to be the greatest martial arts master that has ever been seen on the face of the UnWorld. Chuck Norris was enraged by him, and sent the Undefeatable Marx to beat him up. After twenty seven days, Chuck Norris sent down an Epic Blast. To prevent universal obliteration from Chuck Norris-Bruce Lee collision, the Undefeatables put Bruce Lee in a coma-like state.

Bruce Lee remained in this state for hundreds of years. But then, something catastrophic happened. Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked Mario's fate, causing him to be awesome. But such a powerful roundhouse kick had unpredicted side affects. One of them was the awakening of Bruce Lee. The first thing he did after waking up was... getting a cup of coffee.

Ever since his awakening, he has been traveling the world showing people how awesome he truly is. Chuck Norris was almost jealous of this, and he did something that ruined it for Bruce Lee. He brainwashed everyone into thinking Bruce Lee was dead. By doing this, Bruce Lee had to go into hiding. He has been hiding ever since.


He is rivals with fellow master martial artist Jackie Chan.