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Technicolored Bronies!

Bronies is a term used to describe the male fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


According to German-born scientist Albert Einstein, there are a lot of male fans of this lame show. So he rearranged the words ponies and bros and created his own word called "bronies". Yeah I know. That word sounds unpleasant even for young children. On a game show called Wheel of Fortune. There is a question This type of food is mostly made of poison and crap. Also chocolate. What kind of food is this? The choices are A. Spaghetti, B. Cheese, C. Coffee and D. Bronies. The show had a technical difficulties. Letter D was supposed to be brownies but instead it's bronies.

Modern-Day Bronies

Kill a brony

Sniping bronys is a fun thing to do


Dis I like.

Modern-Day Bronies are a kind of bronies that always watches My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because they love ponies. They can be identified by wearing shirts with technicolored horses on them and fedora hats. But if you ask me, i'll always hate bronies.

Side effects

Puke rainbows



Watching MLP can cause puking rainbows. It is a disease you can get when you watch too much ponies. Bronies are immune to this kind of situation. It means they've watch too much that their bodies became immune.

Think like a rainbow


It's rainbow butter color time!

When you watch MLP. Your mind is beginning to act like a rainbow. Your brain is beginning to become crazy that you want to become like rainbow. MLP is an evil show who supposedly hypnotize children but instead, adult males watch it. 

Everything you see is rainbow

Rainbow eyes by scr4t-d4pcxjo

I see rainbowz everywhere!

When you watch MLP everything you will see is rainbow. I mean think about it. MLP is a show full of rainbow. Once you watch it, you'll see rainbows. Lots of them. What I'm saying is that MLP is trippy. I warned you.

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