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Breaking Bad Guy
Breaking bad guy.jpg
A crazy man with cancer
Gender: Male
Hair color: none any more
Eye color: Cold Hearted Daze
Species: Human
Home: some where out west
Death: will be cancer
AKA: Hal Wilkerson
Likes: Eating the worlds oldest cake
Dislikes: Wives
Education: Chemistry
Occupation: Drug Lord
Known For: Selling Drugs
How They Like Their Steak: Methè Rare
UnRank: 234

The Breaking Bad Guy is some bald man from the popular TV show, Breaking Bad. Before that, he had a nice family man in Malcom in the Middle. He probably has a real name, but it is un-important and we don't know what it is anyway.


Before he was the Breaking Bad Guy, he was just a young, innocent child who played shames. He lived on the outskirts of a radiation factory, which caused him health problems down the road, which we will talk about later. As a child, he did many things. Many of these things got him into trouble. After all, Bad is his middle name. Though, were they important? Of course not. If they were, you would have heard of him and his legacy.

Family Days

He used to be a happy family man, until he was married to his wife.

On September 28th, 1999, Breaking Bad Guy met his wife, Louis, while trying to escape Raccoon City. They escaped and moved to San Diego. Once there, Breaking Bad Guy was constantly nagged by his wife. They then had a ridiculous amount of children. This caused Breaking Bad Guy to go insane. He said that he was going to take a long drive to clear his mind. He never came back to his family.

Becoming Breaking Bad Guy

After fleeing San Diego, he went to some other state down south. Because of his wife's constant nagging, this caused him stress, which caused Breaking Bad Guy to look like he was 59 years old, even though he was only 30. Because he looked old, a high school gave him a job. He taught chemistry. He had many famous students, including Bill Nye and Hank Hill. A year later, he found out the radiation factory gave him cancer. So he quit his job and sold drugs.