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" Delisious รђเՇ "
  —Breakfast, on Volvic

Breakfast and his flying birdy pals. They drink and eat BREAKFAST!

Not to be confused with BREAKFAST!

Breakfast is a flying bird that drinks a strange liquid called Volvic. He also eats BREAKFAST! and conkers.


  • S**ting on death water.
  • Strawberry Lemon flavoured water.
  • Eating Breakfast.
  • Death Pee Pee


The origin of Breakfast will be explained in song (to the tune of Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig):

"George and Alan were walking down a mountain road, when they

thought they heard a noise coming from a empty nest. They thought t'was

an ice cream sundae... but it was A CUTE PTERODACTYL!

So they adopted him and named him Breakfast!

Breakfast, Breakfast, the french dino-birdy,

Breakfast, Breakfast, the french dino-birdy!"

And that's the story of how they found Breakfast.


Breakfast, as an opponent, is very dangerous to be reckoned with. Every time someone claims that a certain object is Breakfast, he'll fly into it, causing a massive explosion (due to how Tyrannosaurs Alan raised him, as he has a brain the size of a pea).

The destruction of the Death Star wasn't from the bomb Luke Skywalker fired (as they simply cut the right wire), but was actually Breakfast himself, who thought is was a giant mechanical donut, and flew into it, destroying it. But he survived the explosion because of how he has a pea-brain.