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Brazil's location before being divided.

Brazil (Officially the Federative Republic of Brazil) was the most populated country in South America before divided into four sections. They were divided into a West, East, South, and North sections due to a war known as the Brazilian Divide.

The president of Brazil was Dilma Rousseff, but after Brazil was divided, the rulers were Dipsy (Fascist dictator of the West), Diesel 10 (Communist dictator of the East), Bruticus Maximus (Islamic and Terrorist dictator of the South), and M. Bison (Juche dictator of the North).

Brazil Flag

Brazil' of ths flag before being divided.

After the Brazilian Divide, their official names became the Fascist Republic of Brazil (West Brazil), the People's Brazilian Socialist Republic (East Brazil), the Islamic Brazilian Republic (South Brazil), and Democratic People's Republic of Brazil (North Brazil).

You will die in any of these four sections even though they hate each other, not kidding. Though at least all of them are against the Satanist Empire.

Result of the Brazilian Divide


Before Brazil was divided, Brazil was a happy place, and Dilma Rousseff cared about her citizens. After Brazil was divided, it became a hostile place, with West Brazil becoming Fascist, East Brazil becoming Communist, South Brazil becoming Islamic and Terrorist, and North Brazil being all Juche and stuff.

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