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" IT'S CRUSHING TIME!!!!1!1!!eleven "
  —Brawl about to attack somebody.
left leg.swf
Gender: Male
Hair color: NA
Eye color: Orange
Species: Robot
Home: South Brazil, was born on Cybertron.
AKA: The Bruiser (According to Onslaught, his leader)
Likes: Destroying stuff
Dislikes: Community service
Education: NA
Occupation: Bruiser
Known For: Being strong enough to take down an apartment building in a single shot

Brawl is one of the five components of Bruticus Maximus, he forms the left leg (As Swindle forms the right leg). He is good friends with Blast Off. He is known to have a love for battle and loves violence and mass destruction, much like Quentin Tarantino.

He turns into a tank, because tank transformers are inherently better than llllllllame cars. He also has a total of 8 guns (9 if you count his hidden Pingas gun). He's strong enough to destroy buildings by diving through them, or blow up base form Weegee.

He joined the Teletubby Army, and gained new friends like Alt 2.0Painis Cupcake and even Tinky Winky, who he loves to blow up. He loves it when being part of Bruticus Maximus, since he provides the strength of him.


His vehicle mode, which is a tank.