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Boxman is a guy who has a cardboard box for a head, and likes rapping to rap songs. He is also NEDMgee's minion.

Origin and Later Life

It all started when he was still human, eating raisin bran. After he was done, he got some scissors, started running around with it, and fell off the stairs, in which the scissors impaled him. He then ran outside, and was later hit by a couple of cars. A few minutes later, some dude who had a lack of education revived him by replacing his damaged parts with cardboard pieces. He then started rapping to music.

When he was at a recording studio, he did one of his childish rap songs, but the CEO hated it, and forced him to sing something cooler, which he started to become more serious and way less friendly (possibly not friendly at all).

Videos of Boxman

Smosh - Boxman

Smosh - Boxman

The origin of Boxman and his rap music.

Boxman's Girlfriend

Boxman's Girlfriend

Boxman attempting to get a girlfriend for himself.

Boxman 2

Boxman 2.0

Boxman 2.0, Boxman's upgraded, serious, and somewhat mean form.

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