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Bowsette is the female form of Bowser, created when Bowser and Mario put aside their differences in a misguided plot to make Princess Peach jealous. It didn't work so Bowsette returned to being Bowser. But then Everybody (except Gabe) was upset because their latest designated Waifu had ceased to be, so Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked the Power Crown Bowser had worn and Bowsette was re-created as a separate entity from Bowser. And there was much rejoicing, despite the fact that Nobody dated her and she was still interested in Mario.


Bowsette looks a lot like Princess Peach but Everybody insists that she's much hotter than Peach, especially since she wears Black clothes and spiked bands like a Goth. She also has Bowsers Horns and Tail as well as a small, spiked shell. Somebody insisted that Bowsette had tanned skin and Red Hair, but then they got eaten by Alexstrazsa so Nobody argued after that.


Bowsette is at least as strong as Bowser, but could be considered one of the most dangerous beings to ever walk in the UnMultiverse simply because her powers of Fanservice rival that of the Dragon Queen Alexstrazsa . She can breath fire and can hit people really hard with her tail. She is capable of getting Anybody to do anything because she really hot (Just look at her hands!). She is also the only Koopa able to effectively stop Mario, considering that she's a more attractive version of Peach apparently, so that makes her the most dangerous Koopa of all. Because Everybody thinks she's so attractive even the Undefeatables have to think carefully before they face her, lest they too become enraptured by the Koopa Queen.


She was killed off by Thanos after he murdered her and called her "Tohru" with the power stone, despite that both are evil. This is due to Thanos's hatred of "Fanservice". Not even NaN liked her, obviously. Unfortunately, she respawned, causing NaN, Gabe and Thanos to take turns killing her until she divided by zero from all the killing and respawning.

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