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Bowser Land was the former capital of North Hyrule and is the current home of Bowser Jr. It smells like old shoes, and houses one of Bowser's many castles.

After Bowser conquered a portion of Hyrule in the Hyrulian Civil War, he named in North Hyrule. He gave his children the Koopalings the honor of naming his fine city. He was expecting something like "City of Death" or "Bowserpocalypse", but they named it Bowser Land. Bowser slammed his head into the wall for being an idiot, and then set up operations in Bowser Land.

He went and had everything Bowser-ified. This means he put his name and face on everything. All of his subjects were forced to worship him and Nobody could escape because of the large plasma walls holding Everybody in.

Eventually a messenger thought it was funny that the evilest guy in the UnWorld lived in "Bowser Land." Bowser shot the messenger and moved all of his operations to Bowser City.

Places of Interest

  • Bowser's Castle
  • Bowser's Underwater Lair
  • Kill the Plumbers Inc. HQ
  • Bowser Statue: Largest Statue of Bowser in the UnWorld
  • Mario's Pizza
  • Bowser Land Land (theme park)