Bowser Empire

The full extend of the Bowser Empire

The Bowser Empire (also known as the Nazi Empire) is a large collection of land, soldiers, mercenaries, scientists, barbarians and slaves that are collectively owned by Bowser. The primary goal of the Bowser Empire is to destroy all who oppose Bowser and take over the UnWorld. So far it has proved successful, but that is only because Bowser is intelligent, strong, and brave. This empire is a self-proclaimed Nazi paradise and "The most evil place ever." Despite this blatant advertising, Bowser has somehow managed to keep this empire secret.

The Bowser Empire has since become a movement to spread Nazism throughout the UnWorld. Numerous Nazis have pledged their loyalty to Bowser. The Bowser Army is the primary fighting force of this empire, though the Pumkin Army also fights many battles under Bowser's banner. The individual armies of each member nation also play a large role. The Bowser Empire is one of Weegee's worst enemies for some reason.




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