Bowser City

Bowser City has lotsa signs that say Bowser

Bowser City is the capitol and largest city of North Hyrule. It is the seat of the Koopa Government and is where Bowser controls his vast empire and destroys any rebellions involving Pickles. When Bowser is gone, it is controlled by one of his minions. As of February 2013, the population is 80,429,485 people.


Bowser City is located at the very bottom of the country. (Where South Africa would be on Earth) This is the location probably because it is the only place where it isn't SCORCHING HOT in a jungle.

City Restrictions

To live in Bowser City, you must be authorized. If you are NOT authorized, then your death will be intimate. To become authorized, you must wear a special wrist band to show your authorization. You can get these after being checked at Security in airports or other ways of entering the city. If you aren't wearing a wrist band, then robots will come to kill you, sayin: "You are not Authorized, your death will be intimate." These restrictions are to ensure the safety of the government, as there is so much crime in the Bowser UnWorld Territories.

Famous People From Bowser City

  • Mister Kooperton ( Statue of Doom hater. Atleast he`s dead now. )
  • Bowsah ( Emperor, King, General and anything high- grade in Bowser City. )
  • Koopa Kids ( the biggest mafias EVAH. )


There is no democracy. Just a dictatorship by Bowser, who lives in his Castle 928. 26 km2 in the city.


  • Statue of Doom ( world-famous. )
  • Koopa Tower ( 122% people gets killed here every day. )
  • Ice Statue of Doom ( world not-so- famous. )
  • Bowser City Hockey Rink
  • Bowser City Football Stadium

Entertainement and Recreation

Despite scary robots killing people who aren't authorized, there is some entertainment and recreation in Bowser City. All citizens have access to Koopa TV and all of its channels. Bowser City is home to many sports teams including the Bowser City Killahs football team and the Bowser City Scary Robots that want to make Your Death Intimate hockey team.


Late July, 1883, Bowser said " I will, for me and for the world, call this city... Bowser City. "

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