Bowser's Army

Bowser with his evil army. Note: this is only 1% of their ranks.

The Bowser Army are the great legions directed by Bowser to take over the UnWorld and Blow Stuff Up. They were first formed when Bowser decided his goal in life was to conquer and destroy. He found the Koopas and the Goombas, creatures that had been oppressed by the Mushroom Kingdom. Though he was not foolish enough to attack the Kingdom directly, he instead attacked the nearby Hyrule, causing the Hyrulian Civil War. He eventually took over North Hyrule, which is now the current HQ of the Bowser Army. For some reason most of Bowser's legions including himself are allergic to lava. Bowser keeps his lava baths because HE LIKES LAVA EVEN THOUGH IT'S THE MAIN CAUSE OF HIS DEATHS AND MELTS HIS SKIN OFF!

Bowser himself doesn't care if his troops have to die because they respawn, therefore he thinks it's fair to sacrifice them time and time again. Despite all this, the army are still too stupid to understand that they could turn on him any moment, so remain loyal. It is known throughout the UnWorld that Bowser's army is weak by comparison to the Teletubbies army or the black army seeing as all that is needed to vanquish them is one red Italian plumber who surprisingly does no plumbing whatsoever.

Members (in order)

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