Female bowser

Bowser's wife is an insane Brony. Nobody really likes her, especially the Koopalings.

When flying with the Koopalings, she gives them a big kiss when they kill a good guy or BEES!. When they don't, she breathes fire at them and they all go on fire, including Bowser's wife herself. The same thing happens with Bowser, but he fights back when his wife breathes fire at him because Bowser is a man. And men fight back all the time.

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As you can see, this almond-for-brains loves sh*tty fanfiction.

When she first saw MLP, she thought that it would be lovely for Wendy to watch, but Wendy HATES My Little Pony. She likes The Walking Dead. Bowser's wife had a debate on which minion should be a Brony, and... she be came one despite being a girl. She went on the internet and posted random pics of stupid FiM crossovers with Thomas the Tank Engine. She even uses the circle tool!

Another debate was held about trying to kill Bowser's wife with a spear. Everybody except for Bowser's wife agreed and went on a mission to go to Bowser's Wife's Castle to kill her, but they didn't survive. Everybody died from bear traps, Wa-Guys, Piranhas, Teletubbies, Spikes, BLOODY spikes, Pizza, Coffee, DIE, and BEES!. Although, Ludwig Von Koopa survived because he was the zombie reincarnation of Beethoven and zombies can't die so he used his magic wand to turn Bowser's wife into stone, albeit for only 73.15389 seconds. Everybody came back to life (Except for Tim J. Koopa because he is a BABY), and had another B.B.Q. The endz.

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