Boss Baby

Full name: Theodore Lindsey Templeton
Age: infant
UnRank: 77

Boss Baby, whose secret name (if uttered in the Amazon rainforest at 12:00 AM on a Saturday in November will turn him into a blueberry muffin) is Theodore Lindsey Templeton, is the leader of the evil terrorist corporation BabyCorp. As a BabyCorp employee his sole goal (hey, that rhymes!) is to turn every single living being into a baby. He is most famously known for being the last ever person to complete Grand Theft Sesame Street, because he had to go to his brother’s soccer practice.


In 2933 he formed an alliance with WaWaWaWaWaTinky-Winky and unsuccessfully tried to eat Baby Yoshi as revenge for those eaten before. However, Baby Yoshi was busy being assassinated by 3.

He lost most of his credibility after eating a cookie even though he wasn’t a closer, and was sentenced to be the subject of a documentary. Due to a mistranslation from Baby to Hylian, this film was released as a childrens‘ movie and is thought to be fictitious by many. However, he was also captured by Bob Saget and taken to Evil Island under the pseudonym "Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu" and forced to partake in Danganronpa.


  • He is not, as many believe, a fictional mouse made out of pure anger.
  • He probably likes watching people die.
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