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Boshi is the actually-creative version of WaYoshi. 'nuff said.



Boshi was born as the 4th son of Yoshi and Birdo, but when Birdo have just given birth to 3 Baby Yoshies, Bowser commissioned her, making her lay an egg that is a hybrid of Yoshi and Koopaling in exchange for 1,000 UnDollards. As he grew up, he became a little hostile to his parents and brothers, so he ran all the way to China.

At first he was teased by people that he looked like a dragon. He has even once displayed in the palace, shown as "The Blue Dragon". To solve the problem, a magician turned him into a human for 10 years. Therefore, Nobody teased him again. For some reasons, the only places that didn't change in his body were his claws and his tounge. That brought difficulties for him to learn Chinese as well to use chopsticks. But he practiced very hard for 3 years and a half, then he became fluent in Chinese and could use chopsticks. Then he was loved by people for his speaking talents and he got a Chinese name 昊 (Hào), meaning “vast”, alias 博士 (Bóshì), meaning "Doctor". That's how he got his name.

On his fifth to ninth years of him being a human, he went on a trip to everywhere in China to teach the poor.

On his last year being a human, he met a person. His name is Wario, who was a person working in the Chinese government. Not long after, there was a war against China. The two went to North Korea to serve in the Korean War. He turned back into a reptile during the war. Weapons grew over his body. He used his weapons and killed OVER 9000 enemies.

North Korea gained independence from China but millions of people still worshipped him. Until 1949, Mao Zedong forced people to be his slaves and nobody worshipped him ever since.

Role in The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!

His first appearance in The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show! is in Season 3 Episode 1, named "Boshi Joins" which will be on March 2021. He played an important role in the episode. Then in the following 10 episodes, he was either a minor character or a cameo until "The Drop Dead Wario Team Training Video", where he played an important role again.


  • He is actually not a wa-ified Yoshi or a wa-guy. That's WaYoshi and only Link says otherwise.