Boring Aduventures of Mister Kooperton was a sucky show starring Link Mister Kooperton. It is considred one of the worst shows in history.


The Boring Aduventures of Mister Kooperton was created by some idiot trying to get MONEY! He FAILED and did get NOTHIN!


Episode 1- Bowser City is boring- Kooperton gets bored in Bowser City, so he decided to steal DINNER.

Episode 2- I Love Stupid City- Kooperton trains the thieves of Stupid City, and gets robbed. HATED in Stupid City

Episode 3- S for Squadala- Kooperton does nothing while Squadala Man saves the Squadala Empire. Famous for a cameo of You.

Episode 4- Duck, Duck, Ducky- Kooperton becomes a slave of Ducky, and creates the 1st Ducky War without knowing it. BANNED in Ducky Empire.

Episode 5- Kooperton must DIE- Kooperton travels home to Bowser City, and gets killed by an angry mob.

Sqadala Man

Picture from S for Squadala


Picture from Duck, Duck, Ducky

Bowser City

Picture from I Hate Bowser City

Lossah man

The star lossah of the show.


The show was largely hated `cause of bad animation, stupid songs and starring Mister Kooperton.The show is BANNED in large parts of the UnWorld, `cause of pure stupidity. Biased Ratings gave it a 0/9.

Ducky controversy

The show is banned in the (semi) powerful Ducky Empire, due to Kooperton joking with Ducky during episode 4. Watching the show in Ducky Empire, results in death penalty.

Squadala controversy

The show is banned in Squadala Empire, due to Kooperton doing nothing while Squadala Man saves the Empire. Now thats what i call laziness.

Bowser controversy

The show is banned in Bowser City due to Kooperton hating the city. The DVDs were destroyed slowly after the release.


  • Nobody loves the show.
  • In Possum City the show is known as The Aduventures of Lossah Man.
  • I.M. Meen dislikes goody- goodies and this show
  • It is much hated in Japan.
  • It is the true reason of the Link War.
  • Is the real reason why Mama Luigi can`t count to 0.
  • This show sucks.
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