Bored to Death is a phenomenon that occasionally happens when one is very bored. They slowly get bored, and bored-er, and board-er until they die from it. It is a Very Serious Problem That Nobody Cares About.


Bored to Death is when one is so bored, he or she dies. It is very dangerous, and kills three to five people a year. It is then blamed on things such as old age, disease, murder, and over-dancing. Bored to Death can be caused by many things, all of them boring. Certain shames, Opera, and Grandpa's Stories are known to cause Bored to Death.


  1. One is heavily yawning and can barely keep their eyes open.
  2. The person is whining like a baby because he/she is bored.
  3. The person will fall asleep, but snore very loudly.
  4. The person will wake up, screaming like an idiot.
  5. The person will dance for no reason.
  6. The person will fall on the ground, and not get up.
  7. The person will start face-palming for no reason.

People Who Will Make You Bored To Death

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