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Mars, the location of the Bootleg Kingdom.

The Bootleg Kingdom is a kingdom that is reigned by Grand Dad himself and is located miles away form Olympus Mons. This character consists of people who are either bootlegs, bootleggers, memes, or any of those. They are allies with the Satanist Empire and is a sister government with the High Quality Republic, which is also created by Grand Dad as its president.


  1. Grand Dad (Reigning King)
  2. Fortran (Second-in-command)
  3. Sanic
  4. Nyan Cat
  5. This is Bob (Heir)
  6. Malleo
  7. Weegee
  8. Ceiling Cat
  9. Mayro
  10. Googolplex
  11. Shockweeb
  12. Painis Cupcake
  13. SoupCock Porkpie
  14. Vagineer
  15. Piss Cakehole
  16. 4chan Sniper
  17. Ass Pancakes
  18. Scunt
  19. Chuck Norriseegee
  20. Guiyii
  21. Zalgo
  22. Homerchu
  23. SpyrongeBob DragonPants
  24. Kung Fu Mari
  25. Somari
  26. Sonichu
  27. Mario 11
  28. Mario 14
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