That's a swell boomerang, and what are those?

A Boomerang is a banana stick of a weapon. It was made by some aborigines to attack some of their enemies. Nowadays it is merely used as a toy, it's nothing more than that, and a mere skeleton of what it was intended to be. They are shaped like V, if he was fat. Some say this shape was inspired by native crocodile mouths, and Mr. Irwin's undying love for crocs. If you throw it at something, it'll come right back.

Boomerangs were made in, well, some long time ago, but not in a galaxy far far away, because that's stupid! There were some guys, who were being attacked by crocs, emus and other dangerous wildlife, so they fled to banana trees, but do those even grow in Australia? Meh, anyways, they started getting very hungry, so they peeled a banana, but a boomerang was in it! Wow, so they made an exact replica, in fact, lots of them, and used these to fight the wildlife. Soon people started using them in wars, and then as toys, which they are now.

Their reputation was ultimately destroyed completely once Jojo Siwa made a song called, "Boomerang" about how she cannot take criticism and will lash out at her haters for not liking her, like a boomerang, people then stopped associating the word with the former weapon and currently toy and just did so with this stupid song, huh, wow.

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