Peekaboo! *loud smashing noise*

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A Boohbah's war cry.

The Boohbah (scientific name Globodermis nopterae) are an evil group who are minions of the Teletubbies (at one point after the Great Teletubby Land Massacre, Pedobear led them). They are very dangerous, and should be handled with caution. They have lots of fun with little kids. "I like making the kids cry" is a famous quote which Zing Zing Zingbah said during their evil interview.

After the Teletubbies appeared not to be powerful enough to conquer the universe, they created minions known as the Boohbah. They were designed by Dipsy to be the most evil creatures ever, besides the Teletubbies themselves. A massive mess up caused these things to be created instead. The Teletubbies were stuck with them, so they put them to good use until they were kidnapped by Bonzi Buddy in the massacre. However, the Boohbah escaped from Bonzi's lair and created something called a "Boohball" to trap themselves in. Shortly after, Pedobear found the Boohball and decided to use it as a prop in the pilot for The Pedobear Show, a TV show that he was making to brainwash teach people into thinking that it's ok to be like Pedobear. However, when the Boohbah came out of the ball, Pedobear decided to make most of the show about them. For some reason, the censors added little bits about the Story People. Some people believe that the Teletubbies pooped out colored mutated poop called Boohbah. Others believe that Boohbahs developed in a Boohball, which started developing the Boohbahs.

The Boohbah are known to be very dangerous, and this is for a reason. They can fly, they are masters of all weapons, and they can shoot explosives out of their hands. They can also ASPLODE and FART very LOUD. They are very dangerous indeed!

Oh, and they can also be eaten and they have their own country called Baltic Union.

Notable Boohbah

This is a list of the most notable Boohbah, each one has a unique taste, and they all have a distinctive feature.

  • Humbah- Banana Flavored- Heterochromia
  • Zumbah- Grape Flavored- Happiness
  • Zing Zing Zingbah- Orange Flavored (Formerly)/Paint Flavored (Currently)- Being covered in Paint
  • Jumbah- Blueberry Flavored- His Mustache
  • Jingbah- Cherry Flavored (Formerly)/School Meatloaf Flavored (Currently)- Having Holes in her body
  • Zoombah- Hot Cinnamon Flavored- Being Fast
  • Gin Ginbah- Caramel (Formerly)/Flan (Currently)- Being Tasty
  • Eobah- French Vanilla- Being the only Boohbah created by Eho
  • Zenbah- Dragon Fruit (Sometimes)/Skunk Spray (Sometimes)- Being created by The Ninja Teletubby and being green (see here: [1])
  • Yahbah- Horned Melon- Has a 5:00 shadow.
  • Limbah- Pure vitamin c- Smoking cigars, conservative views and Oxycontin habit
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