A Nuhvok taking advantage of the shadows to practice earthbending.

The Bohrok are a herd of balls, which all look the same, except for six color variations, which are also associated with varying shield shapes. In the Real World, they are a metaphor for industralization. In the UnUniverse, they were sent to destroy the island of Mata Nui (island). They are controlled by Krana, which are brains, and can be thought of as parts of one big brain which is controlled by the Bahrag.

The threat of the Bohrok was one factor in the rise of Boohbah worship among the Matoran. Kopaka was able to stop the invasion of his region by freezing the Kohrak. Then he and the other five Toa Mata found the Bahrag and defeated them.

In the end of days, the six robot-men of the apocalypse (even though one is a girl) will awaken the two dragons, who will send out the Bohrok again.

Types of Bohrok

  • Tahnok: Red Bohroks that use fire
  • Gahlok: Blue Bohroks that use water
  • Lehvak: Green Bohroks that use acid
  • Pahrak: Brown Bohroks that use stone
  • Kohrak: White Bohroks that use ice
  • Nuhvok: Black Bohroks that use earth
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