Bobby Kotick
Bobby Kotick

I want to have all the money!

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Money
Species: Human
Home: Activision Headquarters
AKA: Big Bucks Bobby
Likes: To make all the money in the UnUniverse
Dislikes: Loot Boxes becoming Regulated
Occupation: CEO
Religion: Money

"Big Bucks" Bobby Kotick is the CEO of Activision-Blizzard and one of the most evil guys in all of UnAmerica. He is one of Mr Krabs greatest rivals, because they both want to make all of the money in the world. He owns the Call of Duty Series and tried buying the Call of Ducky franchise as well, but Ducky nearly killed him so he's stuck with just Call of Duty.

Also, because he's sooooooooo evil he has developed a taste for Kittens.

Nobody likes him.

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