Bobby nuking the Nintendo headquarters.

Full name: Bobby Destroyer Destroy
Gender: Genderless
Sexuality: no
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Bald
Age: 5 (even though he acts like he's 18)
Birthdate: Friday the 13th, 1000
Species: Stickmen
Height: Small
Weight: Skinny, he never ate in reality
Home: UnWorld
Death: Nuked himself
Likes: Fricking up stuff
Dislikes: Lack of fricking up stuff
Education: Wut-education
Occupation: Nuker

Bobby (also known as Billy and ボビー) is a guy which always fricks up stuff when he sees it. Once he even killed the Teletubbies, then Pocoyo and last of all, the Tittytubbies for no absolute reason. But the Teletubbies and Pocoyo were revived and made an Anti-Bobby club. Bobby doesn't care about that, so he nuked the Anti-Bobby party.

Bobby is known for being UnWorld's 1# nuker, and 1# in nuking famous brand headquarters.


In 1000, he formed himself in the Teletubby Land Acid Lake, made to be evil. Then he took over not just Teletubby Land, but he ran away from the hills located far, far away he escaped from the lake and took over the world.

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