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Wikipedia has an article on Bob Saget, check it out here! Although it probly isn't as good as ours...
Bob Saget
Bob Saget.PNG
Bob Saget, a man with a dream.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: No
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Age: I don't freaking know.. look, you can't expect us to DOCUMENT everything, can you?
UnBirthday: I don't freaking know.. look, you can't expect us to DOCUMENT everything, can you?
Zodiac: GJa|Âà
Species: The freaking devil himself, what did you expect?
Alive or Dead?: Alive
Death: He's an Undefeatable, stupid idiot.
AKA: Satan
Likes: Satan stuff or whatever.
Dislikes: You can't expect us to document everything, can you?
Education: Ja|Âà
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Promotion: Chuck Norris

Bob Saget, better known as his pseudonym Satan, is a well-known actor and the actual freaking' Devil. He is the vice president of the Undefeatables, and as such is very powerful. Since he's the Devil, he rules Hell. Margaret Thatcher is his right hand woman and manages his Satanic deals with The Satanist Empire.


Bob Saget was born July 14th 1866 to Ûô.¾ùÁq]GJa|Âà and�|@~Œ·¡Ciÿû‰a) after they did poopy stuff 9 months ago. He slowly grew to normal size, and when 1982 came and went he was fully grown. In 1985 he took up a job acting in Full House, some poopy show about full people (or whatever) directed by Wario and sponsored by Wario Tennis. But when Full House ended in 1995, he became so angry that he killed everyone in his way.

His anger grew so badly that his UnRank grew lower and lower and lower and lower and lower. In fact, his UnRank grew so low that he was eligible to become an Undefeatable! And so in 2005 our brave warrior Bob Saget triumphed over the mountains, fought weird unicorns and monkeys, and eventually reached the Undefeatable Palace. Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked him, but since his rank was so negative he survived.

And so our brave warrior Bob Saget was awarded a medal and Undefeatable rank, and everyone lived happily ever after.

What's going on right now?

Currently, Margaret Thatcher is his right-hand woman who is responsible for shooting ads of him promoting The Satanist Empire. Meanwhile, they both do Hell-related stuff and listen to rock music. Bob Saget holds a giant party annually in celebration of Hell-related events and also invites his fellow Earth Satanists.


  • Only Bob Saget is immune to Bing Crosby's singing.
  • Several people, such as Bowser and George W. Bush have sold their souls to him, meaning that Bob Saget was really the evil behind the evil. While he was not serving his position as ruler of Hell, he promotes The Satanist Empire and does.. stuff.
  • Don’t mention the year 1985 in front of him, as it reminds him of acting on Full House. He will kill you if you dare do this.

Fuhrer of Germany
Counsel of Bronies
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