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Bob Ross is a famous painter and madman with an afro. Bob Ross is currently a member of BBC. He is also a professor at Paintwarts and he has received 7 different awards throughout his life (though 5 of them were for his 3rd grade science fair). Bob Ross is currently hiding in Poland because he's afraid of Hitler.

Bob Ross started out as an ordinary hippie in Stupid City. Unlike his neighbors, however, he wasn't stupid. He was actually very smart. Using his smartness, he decided to start a company. This company was called Bob Ross Rulez (he only knows Stupid city grammar). The company FAILED and he joined the army instead.

He decided to join the Canadian military (because he can). He joined because he wanted to help out during the Old War. Then he started fighting against his own country. Bob was knocked out and taken prisoner by the UnAmerican soldiers.

Waking up in a labor camp, Bob Ross was tortured and traumatized. About a year later, he broke out and reported this to Ducky, who was basically in charge of Canada's military at the time. Ducky told Ross to destroy the camp, and stop them from making Big Macs. Bob did so, but he was never the same.

He moved to the UnUnited Kingdom for a while, deciding to go to Paintwarts. He was in the same painting class as Not Voldemort. Then Not Voldemort turned evil, and Bob Ross was forced to flee the school. He ran into BBC, and they recruited him as "official BBC painter". He started getting OVER 9000 UnDollars every day.

Being very rich, Bob Ross bought his own TV show. He called it "Bob Ross". The show was a success, even though the only thing he ever did was paint. It was just half an hour of him painting happy little trees. Bob Ross was eventually called back to Paintwarts, as the staff were impressed by his painting skill. He was made "Professor of Watercolour".


  • Bob Ross paints happy little trees.
  • He is immune to Weegee's stare due to his kindness.
  • He also swears by the belief that Everybody needs a friend.
  • He makes happy accidents regularly. Nobody has thought to buy him any adult diapers.
  • Bob Ross (like just about everybody else) has stared in shames. They are Call of Ducky: Black Ops and The Happy Trees of Bob Ross.
  • His afro is rumored to eat children.