Bluey (2018 TV series) title card

Look how fat he is.


Gender: Unknown! Maybe Boy? Girl?
Hair color: bald
Eye color: bald
Age: 6
Birthdate: we don't know
Species: Dog
Height: Tall
Weight: Extremely fat!
Death: Fell off his car and died
AKA: Bloooyee
Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: Everything
Education: Sex-education
Powers: Being stooopid
UnRank: -1000,000

Bluey (A.K.A Bloooyee) is a Australian television series made for a lit audience (a.k.a ABC4 Kids). Compared to Teletubbies, this show is WAY more satanic. It's made by Ludo Studio (A.K.A. Cookie Jar bootleg). It was created by Hungry Kim Jong-un and Dipsy to turn kids into Tubby Zombies. It was meant to be a evil show like Teletubbies, since the title means "Evil" in Squadala language.


The show doesn't teach any foreign languages, just stupid English. Instead of the characters doing nice stuff, they do LGBT stuff, like shaming Keepy Uppy and going into claw machines. Bloooyee also has a family. His baby sister Bingo, and his parents. They do almost everything a LGBTQ+ guy does, like speaking bad Arabic and mixing Mentos with Coca-Cola.
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Bloooyee and his family

The show and it's audience

ABC4 Kids


"Never gonna run around and desert you..."

Before the show aired, ABC4 Kids focused on ****ING THOMAS AND FRIENDS. After the show aired, ABC4 Kids went on drugs and aired this show everyday to brainwash children. That's why this show is popular on Newgrounds, Wikia, DeviantART etc.


The people who draw Bluey on DeviantART are high in drugs as well as ABC4 Kids.


See DeviantART.


CBeebies is planning to brainwash children with this show just like ABC4 Kids.


Wikia users got brainwashed and made a Bluey wiki.


Crap, Disney's planning the show to be on Disney XD. And also on Disney+. CRAP.


  • This show sucks.
  • It had planned to make a spin-off of this show for Didney Chewnew called "Bingo & Lucky". WAIT BINGO AND LUCKY? ARE YOU SERIOUS?
  • The theme song is annoying and babyish. It's like the Peppa Pig theme song.
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