Birdski showing his victory face after killing green pigs.

Boris "Blue" Birdski (1875-1949) is one of the members of the organization known as the Angry Birds. He is the second Air Force pilot of Angry Birds and has the ability to multiply into three individual birds that has the exact copy of features just like his.


Birdski was born in September 09, 1975. As of 1892, when German fuhrers started to invade Gamelon, he decided to join the Angry Birds in order to defeat the German fuhrers. By the time he was 21, he volunteered a secret military project that will improve a soldier's skills. When the scientists tested his powers, it succeeded and that is how he got his multiplying power.

Bad Piggies

After the war with German fuhrers, a new enemy started to reign. Those enemies are known as the Bad Piggies. That is the moment when he used his powers often. He constructed a giant slingshot along with Chuck in order to defeat the reigning enemies. The prototype is nowhere to be found.


Birdski died in December 03, 1949 while battling the Bad Piggies. He was tortured until his power was removed from his deoxyribonucleic acid allowing for the pigs to kill him.

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