The act of Blowing Stuff Up is to cause something to asplode, similar to BOOM!

An example of Blowing Stuff Up. This particular explosion was caused by a nuclear bomb.

It is a highly popularized method of attack, seen mostly in movies directed by Michael Bay. It has also been seen in multiple shames.

In Real Life

In real life, blowing stuff up is a violent and unsafe practice. It is often done in war, especially when bombs are involved. After all, since bombs are explosive, they often cause stuff to blow up. People first started blowing stuff up during the Hyrulian Civil War, when Morshu first invented bombs. Aside from being used by Morshu himself, they were also purchased by the handful by Link, making the two of them the very first people to blow stuff up.

In Shames and Movies

In movies and shames, blowing stuff up is exciting, fun, and just all-around awesome.
Fight Scene Explosion

What a fake explosion looks like.

Many movies, especially the ones directed by Michael Bay, involve explosions and use them as an adrenaline-booster during a fight scene or tragedy. Shames use a similar tactic, employing explosions to make something more exciting. Examples of shame characters that blow stuff up are Morshu (as mentioned earlier), Link (as mentioned earlier), Squadala Man (occasionally, using the Squadala Bomb), and everyone in the Contra Force.

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