A master of gun fighting and fighting in general, also known as "The Man with No Name". He has killed many in any blood. Cold, warm, hot, freezing, doesn't matter, you threaten him, he threatens you. Nobody can beat him, well, except maybe somebody. Who knows.

Also a minor member of the Undefeatables.


His first known historical record dates to the Old West, where he managed to get a crazy amount of money on his head. See the kill list lower on this page.

By the 1980s, he had disappeared completely, working as a cop under the name of "Harry". However, after knowing of a rather delicious bounty was available he resigned his work and chased after the criminal. That criminal? None of your business. He brought him in dead by 2030 AD, providing a juicy money count.

Blondie disappeared again, and his location is unknown.

Kill Count

  • 3 bandits at Fort Pasta.
  • 2 king clones.
  • 20 soldiers at Fort Pasta II.
  • 2 generals at Fort Pasta III.
  • Twinkie the Kid
  • Many, many criminals as a cop.
  • Death himself for 10 seconds
  • Hatsune Miku when he traveled to the hell and back.
  • 100 grunts during a war.
  • 26 gangsters.
  • A whole street gang.
  • He killed MS-DOS and Windows 8 with 1 bullet.
  • A lawyer.
  • Every bounty hunter that came across him. Like, 30.

Work As a Shame Reviewer

From 1989 to 1999, he worked for Shame Informed producing, rather, colorful, reviews.

He also is the guy who did the famous Mad Dog McREE review, with the rating of C- and saying "This made my ding-dong go up".

He also kept his reviews short and full of swears, which were censored for the magazines publications. Most hilariously famous is his opinion on the shame Grand Theft Sesame Street, giving it a rating of B- and the words "This has f$!@*&% transcended human expectations, and is the highest form of D^#! art."

Fort Pasta

The last days of the old west contained an end to the era of gunslingers and quickdraws, and many of said people raided Fort Pasta 3 times, each time succeeding more than the last. For the first raid, Blondie was on the Fort's side, but later would prove his place in the unworld by helping invade the 2 other times.


  • This man is interesting as he has never truly done anything of note, yet is simply did everything.
  • His death stare is comparable to other undefeatables. Mostly.
  • His place in the UnWorld doesn't matter now as he is nowhere to be seen.
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