Blinky: The Stupid Awesome Ghost

Blinky is the baddest ghost in town. Unfortunately for him, he has no life (as he is a ghost), so he just sleeps in these weird mazes. Nobody knows why, so he laughs at us for being such clueless humans. He loves chasing Pac-Man around, and this is about all he does.

Before Blinky died, he was a banker. Sometimes, he would steal money out of the safe, so all of the other bankers hated him. Then one day, Bowser was trying to create a Boo. As this process involves a bank robbery, Blinky tried to run away. But the security guards gave him the badge, so he had to defend the bank. Bowser shot him dead, and he became Blinky the ghost. Then he started chasing Pac-Man through mazes.

Blinky is an unusual ghost, mainly due to his habit of picking his nose in public. He currently holds the UnWorld record for most times a ghost picked its nose at 9001 times in one minute. Blinky is still the baddest ghost in town, so he talks with poor grammar, just like Cats and Catz. But me speaks goods so we is happie. He has known to have adopted a ghost called High-five Ghost.

Blinky sometimes vacations in Antarctica.

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