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Blblblbblblblbllbl is an episode of Teletubbies (2015 TV series). The title was thought up by a baby. That's why it was such a strange title.


the episode begins with a green ogre known as Shrek Thinking of what to do, then Donkey comes and says "I Just heard of a place called Teletubby Land." Shrek, not wanting to be annoyed, shoots Donkey and Donkey says that He and Fiona should go there to spend a honeymoon. Shrek, listening to him for once, says that's a good idea.

Back at Teletubby Land, Laa-Laa is having some Tubby Toast and makes crumbs. Noo Noo tidies them up. Dipsy is looking at videos on YouTube on the Tubby Phone. Tinky Winky is outside Home Dome dancing around happily. Po gets bored at this and runs over him with PO COOTAH. Alt 2.0 says to Tinky Winky if he's alright, but Po also runs over her with PO COOTAH.

Back at Shrek's swamp, Fiona is fighting with someone and kicks him in the nuts. Shrek tells her Donkey's idea. she accepts. As they walk out of the swamp, They discover a transporting device which Donkey built to make things quicker. They transport and are in Teletubby Land.

Tinky Winky suddenly captures them and brings them to Po in Home Dome. Po, for some reason, lets them go and has Tubby Custard with them. They introduce each other to each other. Fiona dies of poisonous custard. The Teletubbies laugh evily. Dipsy then brings them to the Tiddlytubbies. They get scared of the ogre. Eventually, Ping nearly blows Shrek up with a Bomb and laughs, He screams in pain. Shrek ROARRRRRRRRRRs at them and they are still scared.

Laa-Laa suddenly comes in riding PO COOTAH and runs over Shrek. Shrek finds himself tied up while the Teletubbies are doing Tubby Bye Bye. The bye bye turns out to be to Shrek, as they blow him up.


This episode left people confused, They Didn't know if it was the Shrek movie or a Teletubbies episode.


  • The title, strangely, means "speak to us, our holy god" in Telugu.
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