Blank is a guy that can't see anything, he is also invisible.


Blank was formed when there was a power plant accident where Homer Simpson worked. This w
Bla nke

That's him.

as the stpidest thing that ever happened and gave birth to blank, blank then started life do nothing, just BEING BLANK!! He also has Fluttershy's DNA which is weird since he's an anti-brony

Personal life

Blank is invisble and has his own house, he has no arms or legs, he is just a black square but he can talk. He is one of the emloyees at Sony and designed the first Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon shame.

Shames he deisgned


He wrote an UnAnything Wiki article about him. He he left Sony after the Sony Civil War ended. Now he is one of the employees for Bowser Studios.

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