I think I just shat a Pedobear.

The Black Mysterious Guy is a mysterious guy that is always seen with other people.

He is so black that he could hardly be seen sometimes. He is often seen with other people like this children on the picture on the right.

There are many sighting of the black mysterious guy. He is so mysterious and rare that he only shows up once every 6 to 7 years. If you take a picture of yourself then you saw a black face, don't panic. It's just the black mysterious guy. Consider yourself lucky if the black mysterious guy shows up in your picture.

Many people believed that the black mysterious guy is some alien creature that is living on Earth since the beginning of time. No one knows what the black mysterious guy is. 

Where does "it" live?

It lives everywhere! Sometimes under your house, sometimes at abandoned scary places. He is everywhere! 

Sightings of the Black Mysterious Guy


Click the picture to see the black mysterious guy!


Boxxy and the black mysterious black guy! Click the picture to look for him!

Jose shitbriix 2

He is so tiny so click the picture!!!

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