Cquote1.png I'm gonna eat some hee hos! Cquote2.png
Black Frost before eating Jack Frost
Black Frost
Black Frost.jpg

Scientific name: Black "Jack" Frost
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Habitat: Black
Natural Range: Frost Dimension, The Shadow Realm
Size: 19'8" (Estimate)
Edible? No
Tastes Like... Your own broken teeth.
Prays on Jack Frost
Is Prayed Upon by King Frost
Powers: Black Magic
UnRank: 1,000

Black Frost is like Jack Frost but better. Hee's that one ho who has been stealing the Power Balloons this hee ho-le time and making jest-hee-rs hella HO-P on April Fools'. His favorite food is Jack Frost, hee ho! Black Frost is also used to fuse King Frost. Hee is the ho-wner of the Central Heptant of the Frost Dimension. Hee ho has a Wa-version called WaBlack Frost. There are 575,001 of them in total, hee ho!

Why he gives the jesters enhanced powers on April Fools

Because hee can, ho!

Black Frost's dance moves

Instead of everyone's heads asploding they die of (black) frostbite, hee ho!


Hee can say the N-word because hee's black which al-ho-ne gives him a lot of power, ho! Black Frost has a dance als-ho that if you hee-ar within a 5 meter radius you instantly free hee-ze to death, ho. He got his powers from drinking Plotholium Coffee.

Now that I think about it, doesn't this hee ho seem like the true Wa-version of that hee ho Jack Frost? His shoes heeven ho look like War-hee-ho's and Waluigi's, ho!

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