Bjorn Unicorn, founder of the Peggle Masters.

Bjorn is a Unicorn that is the leader of the peggle masters and is the first and main character.


Bjorn founded the masters but he had no one in it. So then he went to a graveyard to dig up some corpses and make them members. Then this annoying ghost girl named Luna started throwing stuff at him. He admired her skill of throwing stuff at people and invited her to be a Peggle Master. Then he met a gnome in a robot suit named Gnorman and made him a peggle master. than he met a giant named Jeff and a yeti named Berg and made them Peggle Masters. He also found a fairy named Windy and made her a Peggle master. Then he made his old friend, Jimmy Lightning one. Than he made a shape shifting life guard named Kirk one too. Than Luna grew a mutated plant named Tristin and then he made HIM a Peggle Master too. His power is that he can see into the Future. He is also secretly a super hero called Night Unicorn.


On the Summer of 2014, Windy, an employee at Papa's Freezarea was working when she saw a flash of rainbow light and then a laser blasted through the window and blew up the room and set it on fire. Windy was alright but more lasers hit other rooms. Once it was over the police started pointing fingers. They talked to Windy and due to the rainbow, Windy framed Bjorn who was hiding in a bush nearby. Once he realized he was framed he made a run for it. When he was caught, he was covered in ashes, smoothie and blood, which was evedince for his crimes. He was arrested amiediatly and was found guilty and thrown in jail for 7 years.


He was released and took back his role as leader, which made Windy quit the team for some time.

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