Harvey Birdman

Birdman (Raymond Randall) is a third-rate superhero who was created as a way to capitalize on Hawkman's success. Despite this, he has garnered many fans.


Ray Randall was born in Santa Cruz, California and lived a normal life. At the age of twenty, he encountered a high priest who granted him the powers of the sun god Ra. Ray took the name Birdman, as he was also given a pair of wings, and used his new abilities to fight crime in his city. Somewhere along the way, he adopted a pet eagle named Avenger, whom is also his best friend.

Birdman eventually joined NJHATER and accompanied Danny on their exploits to lynch B'harnee.


  • In another universe, Birdman's real name is Harvey Birdman and he retires from being a superhero to become an attorney. One of his clients is the incredibly sexy Black Vulcan.
  • Birdman likes to shout his own name out loud. "BIIIIIIIRDMAN!"
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